The Hip Hop Film Festival presents the best films from the culture from our European regionals. As an added BONUS, enjoy our official selections of series, short and films from previous festival seasons... all made by the BEST filmmakers in Europe!

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17 Videos

  • The Bronx + Berlin Connection trailer (P&I Screenings Only)

    A group of young people from Berlin and Paris travel to NYC, driven by one common culture : Hip Hop. (P&I Screenings Only)

  • Alamari Love trailer (P&I Screenings Only)

    Alamar, a suburban "barrio" located to the east of Havana (CUBA); a community context in which poems, graffiti and Hip-Hop music are mixed. (P&I Screenings Only)

  • Battleground Germany Trailer (P&I Screenings Only)

    From small "Hip Hop Jams" in the early 90s to big sponsored events, the series captures the rise of German battlerap culture from underground to mainstream. (P&I Screenings Only)

  • Conversations From The Culture The Bronx Berlin Connection

    Shefik interviews Aline and Olad, directors of The Bronx Berlin Connection

  • Conversations From The Culture Alamari Love

    Shefik interviews Carmelo Raneri director of Alamari Love

  • Underdogs

    An aspiring French director is only 18 when he decides to go to the other end of the Atlantic to start a documentary film on Hip-hop culture.


    Supa Supa, The unusual superhero normal
    guy. As he finds himself struck by The Perfect Girl’s beauty, he discovers his power: to bend and control reality thanks to pixilation.
    However, this amazing ability won’t stop him from enduring unlikely hardships in order to seduce The Girl of his dreams. ...

  • #Uprising

    A documentary film about corruption, injustice and the emerging Dream movement

  • Priepasť

  • HOPE

    "Hope" tells the Story of a little boy, who is condemned to spend the time he has left in a prisoners' camp. The memories of his mother are the only thing keeping him alive.

  • Believe The Beat

    Believe the Beat is a tender rites of passage tale that follows a crew of Brazilian street dancers. As they take their dance from city park to global stage, an independent filmmaker discovers the challenge and promise of digital storytelling.
    ​Jocelyn Edelstein's premiere, feature length docume...

  • Babylon Dreamers

    An intimate story of a group of young dancers from Israel’s periphery, whose members are immigrants from former USSR, is trying to win the International Breakdance Championship. The competition is the highlight of their dreams as dancers, but as we watch them prepare, we encounter a world of cris...

  • The Fridge

    Since its inception in the 70s , Hip Hop has created an electrifying buzz. From its birthplace in the South Bronx to the streets of Manchester, there is no denying that Hip hop is one of the most successful genres of music of our times.

    What started as a social movement by young, African Ameri...

  • Beyond The Block

    Beyond the Block – Untold Story of Filipino Street Dance (Ricardo Carranza) – Spanning fifty years and charting a path across three continents, Ricky Carranza’s BEYOND THE BLOCK is a documentary recounting the history of Hip Hop in the Philippines.

  • Raise Up

    Raise Up: The World Is Our Gym (Rain Bennett) – An underground urban fitness movement risks losing its identity as a social tool as it becomes the fastest growing international sport. A new hip-hop style of exercise in the parks and playground of New York City caught the eye of youth all over the...

  • Lollipop

    A 14-year-old Saudi girl experiences the onset of puberty, which means she must begin wearing a full black Niqab, and when her tormentor at school swipes her jacket a case of mistaken identity exposes the perversity of that girl’s father.

  • Eternal

    A famous musician is tired of constant attention and a flamboyant lifestyle. He struggles to find answers to many tormenting questions and matters which constantly occupy his mind. He hopes to find a life balance and consolation in solitude. Are we able to face the superficial happiness, the pass...


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