Sci-Fi Stories That Matter | HHFF 2020 Cinema

Sci-Fi Stories That Matter | HHFF 2020 Cinema

The Hip Hop Film Festival presents - SCI-FI STORIES THAT MATTER.
The best directors from the culture take you to another world with thrills, chills, super powers and some aliens thrown in for good measure.

Sci-Fi Stories That Matter | HHFF 2020 Cinema

8 Videos

  • The Tree Of Lost Souls

  • The Black Baptism

    Informed by a mysterious voice, an imprisoned young woman must pass a series of enigmatic tests or face a terrifying death.

  • Just A Phase

    A low-level JPL researcher must figure out the strange powers of a mysterious device found hidden in her car to save herself from the deadly government forces that are now targeting her.

  • Woke

    A "Woke" African-American woman wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world where all black women are extinct. A pair of futuristic news goggles tell her how it happened - and why.

  • The Golden Record Trailer (P&I Only)

    Press and Industry screening only.
    Private Watch Party August 15th, 2020 @ 5pm

  • Black Champagne

  • On The Floor

    After his first major tour, a strung out SoundCloud rapper retreats to an isolated treehouse, where he is visited by the three people closest to him.