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  • Tom Freeman Of The North - Coming in April

    A young black Harlemite named Tom, who interns at a start-up that just opened up in his neighborhood, is invited to his boss's housewarming party off of Malcolm X Boulevard. While Tom is looking forward to use this opportunity to move up the ranks by gifting his boss with a jar of artisanal mayon...

  • Eternal - Coming in April

    A famous musician is tired of constant attention and a flamboyant lifestyle. He struggles to find answers to many tormenting questions and matters which constantly occupy his mind. He hopes to find a life balance and consolation in solitude. Are we able to face the superficial happiness, the pass...


  • Marc Chung Protects His Address - March 2018

    Marc Chung recounts a story to his friends Stan and Kyle about the events that led up to purchasing a pellet gun to protect his address. It started four days ago when he received a change of name in his water and power bill under Marc’s address.

  • Float (Trailer) - Coming Soon

    Float is a short film set in mid 1990s Seattle, following the day-to-day trials and tribulations of Cambodian-American hustler Rocky Mang. Still living at home with his family, Rocky spends his days cruising the streets of Seattle, slanging cheap goods on the corner as he struggles to help his fa...

  • Across The Tracks (Trailer) - Coming March 2018

    Two African American sisters grow up in racially charged 1960s Georgia. But one is born with fair skin and when schools integrate in their small town, she decides to change her destiny - by passing for white.

  • Background Music Trailer

    An unsung individuals successes and struggles within the music industry

  • Verona Trailer

  • More Than Music Senegal Trailer

    At a time when Hip Hop seems to be headed in a disappointing direction, there exists an underexposed community of Artists who've managed to transform the genre to address their community's needs.

    More Than Music: Senegal is an inspiring real-life look at an entire culture utilizing Hip Hop to ...

  • Break Like You Trailer

  • Keep Pushing Trailer

  • Living Like Kings Trailer

  • the barre

  • Tobacco Burn Trailer